Hi everyone and welcome to our fitness

and nutrition blog where we hope you will find  lots

of tips on healthy food and exercise that will help

you that one  step closer to achieving your goal.

Deriving from two ends of the globe, we have been blessed to have met each other in London and share the same love for a healthy and active lifestyle .

Lea is originally from Slovenia  and myself Clinton I’m originally from South Africa. We run the fitness studio in Wandsworth  South West London called Integrated Core exercise (ICE) . We have been running it now for 10 years and specialise in functional training and nutrition.

Even though we live quite an active sporting lifestyle,  through our life both Lea and I suffered from similar  insecurities, both on the opposite ends  of the spectrum. I was extremely skinny as a child nicknamed »chicken arms« and Lea battled with her weight management as a teenager into her early 20s.

We started off like most, trying every diet or weight gaining supplement out there with very little results. After years of experience on ourselves and many hundreds of clients we have come to realise,  there is no shortcut and there is no one perfect recipe, but that everybody is an individualand different things work better for different people. However the key is consistency with a balanced healthy diet and frequent exercise to create a balanced strong flexible and healthy body.

Now we  will be down right honest with you, it is not easy and it takes a certain amount of commitment, especially in the beginning, but once you build it into a routine you will love the rewards that you will get in return, and we think it’s worth it.

We feel this is down to the individual, and we find giving different clients a similar recipe almost always bring slightly different results, and for that reason we would love for you to share your experiences and let us know if you are hitting some kind of a plateau and we hope that just maybe, our blog will be able to help you through that hiccup and assist you one step closer.