• Personal Trainer Putney

Personal Trainer Fulham Clinton Holzer
Personal Trainer, Sports Massage Therapist & Pilates Instructor
Certified in Sports Nutrition

10 years experience specialising in the most up-to-date human movement patterns. My techniques are what one would call Modern Functional training.

All training programs are tailored bespokely towards the individual needs of the client. First session begins with a full postural and body assessment in order to weed out any mobility dysfunction and strength weaknesses.

Once this is established, a tailor-made program will be put together in order to pursue your goals, whether it be weight loss, strength and conditioning, preparing for pregnancy, recovering after pregnancy, or maybe it's just longevity, and you would like to make sure that you can keep up with your children for as long as possible.

I have an excellent understanding of anatomy, and how the body functions and performs, and I use my expertise to put together extremely fun and rewarding programmes, allowing your body to function like it never had before, and most often eradicating back pain and other ailments relating to a sedentary lifestyle most of us Londoners lead, spending hours at the office.

I believe that Plato was absolutely spot on when he quoted “Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical exercise save it and preserve it.”
Tel: 07973 332191